YOSHIDA Kanako, Professor

yoshida.jpgI specialize in contemporary French literature, with a focus on poetry. Being a poet myself, I am engaged in creative activity such as publishing anthologies and essays on poetry. Among French poets, I have a special interest in André du Bouchet, a leading poet in the late 20th century and one of his contemporary poets, Dupin. My publications include literary works: “Poetic Topos,” “From the Other Side of Words,” and “The Theory of Happiness”; translations: “The Poetry of Du Bouchet,” “Agatha” (Duras), “Dear Sarah Bernhardt” (Sagan), “A Moment with French Poetry,” “An Anthology of French Poetry” (joint-translation); and poetry anthologies: “Darkness ? The Definitive Edition” (Takami Jun Prize), “Poetry Anthology of Yoshida Kanako.”